From an Idea to a great game.

Game development is the expression of an idea in code, art, and sound. The process of converting that spark of excitement into something tangiable can be a challenging and unpredictable path. By talking about the vision and bringing perspective I help navigate the challenges and help lead a path to victory.

Senior Designer (2015)

Level Design, Combat Encounters, Cutscene Scripting, co-authored Boss Fight, Designed Teleportation Gameplay System.

I work with game developers to help solve creative problems with creative problem solving.

Drawing on the experience of designing and developing many games from ideation to release, I provide a service that crosses that gamut of game development: gameplay, core structure, theme, balancing, UX, and more. I also have industry level knowledge on team structure, target markets, hardware and publishing.



1st Hour

Say Hello.

Opening conversation to establish if my services fit your needs.



Video Calls, Small Tasks.

Great for quick validating tasks and talking ideas over video chat.



Review and Respond.

Reviewing documentation, checking updates and short reports.



In-Depth and Hands-on.

Working with the team, iterating over ideas and fine tuning



The Long Haul.

Ongoing work, interacting with the team on a daily basis.


Working with
developers from across the globe.

Senior Designer (2017)

Open World Level Design, Gameplay Systems, Combat Encounters, Puzzle Design, Quest and Story Design, and Developed Planetary Hazard System.

A Look Behind the Mask.

Dean Roskell

Video Game Designer

A professional game developer of almost 20 years, living in Edmonton, Canada. Worked with tiny Indie teams to AAA behemoths, covering many popular genres, across all major hardware platforms.

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